I am writing this piece from my personal experiences as a broadcast journalist who have travelled around the world for key global festivals like musical shows, film festivals, award shows, parties, and the likes. In fact, I can confidently consider myself an expert at these things. 

I can tell you for free that the Lux Afrique Polo Day event stands out- and tall!

It is classy, prestigious and unique. Notably, it keeps upping the ante of what a world-class event should be. 

The organisers should be commended for creating such outstanding event where people from across the world, especially those of black heritage, can call their own and be most proud of.

For me, the Lux Afrique Polo Day which came alive early July of this year, is beyond the game of Polo but the celebration of the African culture.

The essence of the motherland came alive at the event! Food, fashion, music and the brilliant successes of her children were all in display. Amongst those who graced the event were celebrities from Hollywood, royalties, business tycoons and those who identifies with this amazing initiative.

I am all about people and would say, beyond the platform the organisers have created, the attendees understood the concept of the event, and they take it a notch higher every year.

Indeed, the Lux Afrique Polo Day is an event you actually need to plan to attend, so you don't go out there looking out of place!

The pictures below tell the story of that amazing day... Enjoy.