See Mothers grieving and wailing over the death of this young man. It was so touching. 

Fans travelled down to the venue from outside London! The whole atmosphere was heavy with grave saddness. 

Haaaa.... I saw grown men crying. 

I cried too, but was also happy that I was able to pay respect to such a great talent. He was young! 

But why??? Who was meant to protect him but turned a deaf ear when he cried out? 

Why was his death handled carelessly?

Why do we have to allow such talent be taken from us? One we could have saved! 

Mohbad's death won't be in vain. He is now a symbol for change. His death has  brought attention to mental health issues. We can nolonger ignore or over look such issues. Our Youths are suffering. They require listening ears. We all have a role to play.  

RIP Mohbad. 


Photo@ The Candle Light Pocession for Mohbad in Peckham Square, London.