Thought I should bring you these lovely pictures from the 2023 edition of the Asia Polo Event as summer winds down.

It was my first time at this event, and I must appreciate my dear friend Mille Moses for the invite, which cost a couple of hundreds..! Yes! For the ticket!

For that amount, guests were treated to a champagne reception, fashion show, and a brilliant MC whom I felt had a great sense of humour.  He was really good and got the guests fully engaged.

Also, guests had the pleasure of watching two matches of polo, participating in a charity auction, and were further entertained at an after-party with a live band and DJ.  I enjoyed that performance to the fullest, and as I observed, everyone did too.

As I mentioned earlier, the ticket isn't cheap, and it's quite a lot even for an average person, and many would raise an eyebrow. However, you might want to look at it another way - how much can you really put on Networking? Can you put a price on how much it could take to meet the right people at the right place and time?

I shared a table with the  property Guru and forbes Council member Dr Daniel Moses with his Wealth Circle team. They were all a fine inspiration, I must confess.

For me, it was networking at another level and quite befitting.

Watch my interview with Dr. Daniel Moses.

In the mist of Luxury Brands, Fashion and an extravagant culinary,  meeting a fine selection of  people who will change the way you think or see life,  make you aspire for greater things.

Apart from the exclusivity of prime hospitality, the Asian Polo Club offered a fun and lively environment with surprisingly great weather.

In all, the Asia Polo Cup 2023 offered everything a luxurious outing can be.