A two-year-old boy is now fighting for his life in hospital after he was brutally beaten by his drunk mother's friend who was babysitting.

Giovanni Reichert has undergone multiple operations over the past several months after his mother asked her friend McKinley Sloan Hernandez, 25, to watch over him.

‘I received a text message from the suspect saying I needed to rush to St Anthony’s Hospital because my son had gone lifeless after a bath,’ Stefanie Reichert told KDVR.

‘Once I saw him and all the 50 doctors standing around him, I had to leave the room because it was the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life.’

Giovanni was airlifted to a children’s hospital after ‘being harmed by the hands of a trusted caregiver’, states a GoFundMe page set up for him.

Reichert said that Hernandez would often watch her son and other kids at an unlicensed childcare facility at her home in Lakewood, Colorado. Hernandez agreed to take care of Giovanni overnight on September 1, but it turned into a crime scene.

The mother found Giovanni with blunt force trauma blows to his head and body.

Reichert said that Hernandez ‘won’t admit to anything’.

All she’s said is she was drinking, and he got hurt in her care,’ she said.

The toddler had an emergency surgery to suppress brain bleed and part of his skull was removed to reduce pressure. He is intubated and seated and doctors are not sure how his recovery will shape up.

‘Prior to this, (Giovanni) was a happy, healthy, energetic two year old,’ states the GoFundMe page. ‘As you can imagine, his parents Anthony and Stefanie are completely distraught.’

An arrest warrant was issued for Hernandez on Wednesday and she was arrested Friday night and faces felony child abuse charges.

‘I make up scenarios in my head all the time for the injuries he sustained,’ Reichert said, ‘So I wish I knew.’