A Nigerian airline leaves passengers in panic after ‘inadvertently’ landing in Asaba rather than Abuja, where travelers had booked.

A user on the microblogging site X who goes by the handle @dawisu chastised United Nigeria Airlines for a negligent action that lost their passengers time.

According to the passenger, the airplane left Lagos State for Abuja only to land in Asaba due to the pilot being given the incorrect flight plan.

The Nigerian guy criticized the airline for likely landing them in another state as the jet took off a second time, sharing a picture of the passengers plainly enraged.

Passengers are enraged after their plane landed in Asaba instead of Abuja.

“Nigeria my country. We departed Lagos about an hour ago on

@flyunitedng to Abuja, and upon arrival, the cabin crew confidently announced that we’ve arrived Abuja, only for us to realize that we landed in Asaba. Apparently, our pilot was given wrong flight plan from Lagos.

We are departing Asaba now, I pray we don’t land in Osogbo next!,” he wrote.

Reacting to the post;

Mansaah_Musa penned: “Asaba, Abuja all na Nigeria you dey. Thank God say no be cotonou dem carry una go.”

brandybride_ stated: “Nothing in this country will shock me again.”

levyngrey said: “The most avoidable mistake always happen in Nigeria.”

Sir_Algon opined: “Asaba and Abuja is almost the same brother 😂”