•  Former Minister of Culture and Tourism of Nigeria Femi Fani-Kayode

The Former Minister of Culture and Tourism of Nigeria Femi Fani-Kayode has expressed his displeasure on the ongoing attacks on Gaza by Israel, his post on X (formerly known as Twitter) reads :

Are we supposed to stand by Israel even when she is indulging in genocide?

Are we supposed to join those that say Israel can do NO wrong & that they can get away with ANYTHING?

Are we supposed to clap for the Israeli Minister of Heritage when he says "anyone who carries a Palestinian flag should not be allowed to live?"

Are we meant to celebrate when he says a "nuclear bomb should be dropped on Gaza" or when he says "Gaza's 2.5 million people should be pushed in the desert or sent to 100 different countries as refugees at 25,000 Gazans per country?"

Is this the sort of rhetoric we are expected to espouse, endorse and support?

Is this what criminally insane, genocidal maniacs & complicit religious bigots and messianic zealots like 


 expect us to embrace? 

Are we expected to jump with joy  when the Israeli Minister of National Security says "even those that are sharing sweets on the streets of Gaza should be targetted and slaughtered as well?"

Are we supposed to express approval when the Minister of Defence of Israel says "what is being done to Gaza may also be done to Beirut?"

Is this wholesale espousal of barbarity, slaughter & savagery to be regarded as the new norm? Is there no more sanity in the world?

Are we supposed to accept it when the Israeli Finance Minister says “there is no such thing as a Palestinian nation, there is no such thing as Palestinian history and there is no such thing as a Palestinian language?"

Are we supposed to express our unending adoration when a Member of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) is questioned about the fact that thousands of innocent Palestinian women and children are being killed by Israeli bombs in Gaza & his response is "there is no such thing as an innocent Palestinian" meaning that every single Palestinian, whether man, woman, child or infant, should  be bombed, crushed & wiped off the face of the earth?

Where is this hateful & genocidal rhetoric coming from & why should we shy away from challenging it?

Are we cowards? Should we be filled with fear & trepidation & shy away from speaking the bitter truth about what Zionism has done to the Jewish state?

Does the Bible not tell us that "God has not given us a spirit of fear?"

Today the Zionists that have taken objection to others saying "from the river to the sea, Palestine must be free" & claim such words are nothing but genocidal hate speech & an expression of a sinister desire to wipe the State of Israel off the face of the earth are themselves saying that Gaza & the Palestinian people should be totally eradicated.

They are themselves wiping out Christian & Muslim children in Gaza & judging from what the Israeli Defence Minister is saying it may soon be Beirut as well.

Does this double standard make any sense? Is it just? Is it fair? Does it not make any right thinking person sick?

Is it right or proper for anyone to be talking about wiping out any race in this day & age?

Are Israel & the Zionists above the law & do they have the right to do unto others what they do not want others to do unto them?

Has Israel not taken us down the bloody path of carnage & madness where restraint & the application of even the most basic norms of military engagement, international law & the law of war no longer apply?

Are mass murder, crimes against humanity & war crimes against innocent civilians, including women and children, now acceptable forms of combat?

Are our hearts meant to be gladdened when the PM of Israel says the State of Israel is "waging a war against Amalek".

Is this not the clear expression of a  pre-meditated intention to kill every single Palestinian man, woman & child?

To those that doubt it I urge them to read the Bible & find out what was done to the Amalekites.

Should the world allow this to happen in the name of eradicating Hamas & loving Israel?

Is every Palestinian an Amalekite & a member of Hamas?

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