•  Hilda Baci

First, Hilda Baci has sparked a lively debate. In a recent podcast, she brazenly declared that Nigerian Jollof rice tastes better than other varieties, including Ghanaian Jollof.

This assertion is based on her participation in a cooking competition against a Ghanaian chef and her knowledge of the Ghanaian Jollof recipe.

Baci’s statements aroused outrage, particularly among Ghanaians, who saw it as a sly jab at their national cuisine.

Hilda Baci had won the challenge, and she remembered tasting the Ghanaian jollof, but it was flavorless, and she was certain that was her competitor’s best try at the dinner.

The cook claims she has seen their recipes for the various types of jollof throughout the country, and they are at best basic.

On the other hand, Hilda praises Nigerian jollof claiming Nigerians do not play with flavor building.

Watch her speak;