With over two decades of service in the healthcare  sector, both as surgeon and seasoned administrator who has a proven track of professionalism and astuteness devoid of unwarranted casualties, fraud or non performance Dr . Loretta has proven that her Hands are the Safest for the good people of Edo State.

Edo State is in dire need of empathy and compassionate leadership! Who else do we need now, than one who has sworn to uphold the sanctity and value of human life and its existence? One who is a mother to all, yet she remains a focused goal getter? One honoured by the United Nations as an Emminent Ambassador?

The evidence before Edo State people and the world at large is clear... that Dr Loretta is the one person who ticks all these boxes.

She has dedicated her life to the service of humanity and wiping tears off the face of the downtrodden. We are not surprised because her days as an undergraduate in UNIBEN which were mostly spent in Oba Market with her widowed mother trying to make ends meet was God preparing a humane heart to lead Edo State.

Indeed , Dr Loretta is a woman of service, and Edo State will be grateful for this gift from the most high ...