• By Rose Peter Graham 

Creativity at its finest. Fun, beauty, and glamour best describe the recent premiere of Nicki Moore's blockbuster movie, Broken Circle.

Undoubtedly, a massive turnout of the Afro-Caribbean community in the United Kingdom and many movie lovers turned out in support of the well-known UK based Nollywood Producer/Actor for the much awaited premiere.

Broken Circle tells a story about a young boy who is constantly abused by his caregiver. The boy who lives with his father and suffers the absence of a mother's warmth is constantly being molested by the lady trusted with his care.

Due to the nature of the father's job, he had to employ a minder to oversee the welfare of his little boy whenever he was not present. Things, however, took a turn in this eye-opening, suspense filled flick.  

Cast and crew include Producer, Nicki Moore,

Associate producer, TCharls Ozuruigbo 

Executive producer, Nicki Moore Media Production and Directed by chukwuma Bishop. Cast includes Anthony Monjaro,

Calista Okonkwo, Nicki Moore, James Uche, Becky Somto, Prince Winston, and a host of other talented actors. 

The attendance was overwhelming with the créme de la créme of the UK community showing up to support the project. They came out en masse to celebrate the hard-working mother who featured two of her talented children in the movie. The children's delivery, which led to a turning point in the movie, was applauded by all present.

Furthermore, movie lovers can catch up with this latest work on YouTube via the link below:


According to the producer, the movie will also be premiered on African Magic at a date.

In an exclusive interview with roseonallsides.com the producer shed more light on the message of the movie: "It examines the lack of love in a home, exposing of young children to unsuspecting abusers, childhood traumas, challenges surrounding mental health illness and all the issues proper communication could resolve in our world.”

Enjoy the photos from the Premiere:-