Actor Prince Eke has made a post about the ongoing Saga with the Mr Ibu's family,

He wrote; “I honestly do NOT know the truth in the different versions of the story. But ‘IF’ the said adopted daughter was/ is actually a side chick that you were/are having s3x with. And you had the mind to introduce her to the world and to your family as a ‘daughter’.

“Bros , you were committing incest and you need to ask God for forgiveness. ASAP .Family isn’t only biological. There are many tags you should have given her. Bestie, family friend, colleague, Etc but NOT ‘daughter ‘#my2cents”

He added; “This life is more spiritual than physical. It's never a bad thing to adopt someone into your family/life. But, bringing someone you're sexually involved with into your family and tag her 'adopted daughter' for convenience is incest. Maybe, we should deal with the spirituality first. Who knows...”