A Nigerian woman has described a life-threatening encounter she had while pregnant with her first child.

According to a viral video, the young lady was paralyzed for several months and had to use a wheelchair to move around.

Everything was going well for her, and she was looking forward to enjoying her pregnancy until she awoke one morning to take a bath and lost feeling in her legs.

“I started screaming in the bathroom for help. Those around couldn’t drive and my neighbours were all out. I was lucky one came in and he was begged to carry me to any nearby hospital,” she recalled.

“The hospital said I can only feel my legs and walk if they remove the baby. Depression and bitterness overwhelmed me. Constipation said it has come to finish me. I was given a drip through my anus. I was in deep pain, asking God how I will poop without my legs.”

“The hospital rejected me. I was taken to another hospital. The consultant told me he can manage the situation. I started using a wheelchair. Even for scan, I use wheelchair, I became ashamed of myself because all eyes will be on me.

“I urinated and pooped in the same place because I can’t move. One day one spirit told me to stand up. I did and water started rushing out of me. Doctors came and inserted one big stool inside me. I cried out my life that day

“I started screaming, telling them to come and bring out this baby. I don’t want to carry it again. I can’t breathe. I am tired of living in the hospital. They now call me President because I’ve overstayed for five months.

“I was booked immediately…fear took over me. I was taken to the theatre and finally my baby came out at 36 weeks. This is my testimony.”

watch the video below;