Skit maker (SABINUS) responded to Jay Boogie's video, noting that he finds it funny how a person who chose to undergo transgender surgery is blaming Nigerians for his choices. 

See the reactions that Sabinus' post stirred online Here are some of the comments that trailed Sabinus' post: 

@tiredlagosian: "So everybody on the island has eaten? Lol" 

@vee_perfumes55: "I will be the last person that will contribute one Kobo to that guy.. be contented with what you have Una say no." 

@vive_isabella: "If you want to help, pls help.In this life nobody holy pass. its human life that we are talking about.judge not so that you, wont be judged..." 

@therealshantelhoney: "Okay, so he should die? He should die cos he did something unheard of? Or he did someone others hasn’t been doing? We get it!!! We really do but please let people that wants to help him, help him."

 @soloblinkz: "So some people go open bank app, and transfer money to that guy. Cause of what exactly???" "Sabinus is me..I am Sabinus."

 @theo_ijay: "He funniest part is that he was busy bragging and saying he's a beautiful woman with natural curves..... If to say the surgery go well, shim for start to pepper internet children..... Auncle, your desicion, your cross.... carry your cross and stop disturbing us." 

@bitcoin_chief: "Sad one. Why I say those donating are mad." 

@skin_2skin: "If you donate money to that shehim then you are mad, We have so many poor families to donate money to, God bless us all."