Today, November 11th 2023, popular Nigerian skitmaker and singer Carter Efe launched the challenge of the hit song Oyimo, which has since become one of the trending debates online.

Following the publication of the song Oyimo on November 8th 2023, it caught the hearts of music enthusiasts and resulted in significant replay values, making it one of the highest streaming songs on the Apple Music chart at the time.

 Carter Efe did a promotional material for the song Oyimo on his verified Instagram page today, where he revealed that $1000 (roughly N1M in Nigerian money) will be shared among the top three people.

According to Carter Efe, the #Oyimochallenge for $1000 will be used to know how people are truly spiritual when thanking God as he asserts that the song is a Christian song.

Using himself as an example in the video, Carter Efe said that he wants the participant to roll like a roll-on and will be dished out the $1000 to the best 3 rollers.

He further tells the participants of #Oyimocgallenge to tag him and Young Duu in their videos.

Captioning the video, Carter Efe wrote; “Oyinmo rolling Challenge Activated! $1000 Make sure you use the hashtag #oyinmochallenge Tag me and @official_young_duu in all your videos Leggo.’

Watch the video below;