•    Buchi and inlaws

Onyebuchi Ojieh, better known as Buchi Comedian,  has resumed calling out his ex-wife and her parents for refusing to grant him access to his children. 

The comedian alleged that his ex-wife's parents, who are leaders in the Redeemed Christain Church of God, will not allow him to talk to his children. 

His children are in their care in the United States following his separation from their daughter, Rukky. 

He accused them of using his kids as "bargaining chips" while asking him to meet their exorbitant financial demands. 

He further threatened to expose his ex-wife and her family if they continue withholding access to his children. 

He added that he will not pay the $1300 they are demanding in order for him to be allowed to have phone conversations with his children. 

He said their demands, which is in dollars, is something he cannot meet because he works in Nigeria and earns in Naira, so they should make do with the N300,000 he sends per month.

He added that he was perfectly capable of caring for his kids when they were in Nigeria before they were taken from him to the US.

Watch him speak in the video below…