•      Vanessa and Verydarkman

Vanesa, a rising Nigerian model, explains why she can not see herself dating the controversial critic, Verydarkman, despite his apparent passion for her.

In a viral video, the young lady chastised the prominent critic for establishing his platform well but then abandoning it after almost a million followers.

She stated her reasons for not finding the Verydarkman worthy of dating her, emphasising his financial situation.

Vanesa also recommended the critic to consider pursuing a formal education in order to enlighten himself and develop a stronger platform.

“I do not like him; I cannot date someone like him. When he started, he was making sense but now, he doesn’t anymore. The 800K followers following him has entered his head.

“I know say you dey eye me, but I can’t date him. He has no net worth, he cannot offer anything; he should go back to school and learn,” she said.

Reactions trailing lady who listed reasons she cant date Verydarkman…

samvail__ stated: “She paid blog so VDM will reply her so she can trend!”

itzandyurcandy said: “If very darkman reply this bleached ekwensu, him don fuck up be that, she’s not worth is ring light and satchet water.”

richyfunkystyle noted: “Madam go and change your wooden ceiling to POP before you talk about someone’s net worth, a cooking pot calling a kettle black 💁💁💁💁.”

mzchizzy penned: “If you had actually dressed properly before coming here to talk, you fit even make sense pass the guy, but now na you no make sense pass , orishirishi 🌝😂😂.”

da_hypequeen said: “I don’t agree with very dark man too. But sis, what’s your net worth? Why did you feel the strong urge to make this video wearing a pant and a bra?🥲.”