Residents in the Tayi area of Minna, the Niger state capital have rescued a day-old baby boy that was abandoned in the street


On Saturday evening, December 2, 2023 residents said the baby was found a few hours after he was abandoned by an unknown person

A resident, Aliyu Bala Ibrahim, said the baby was wrapped in leather and left without clothes on him.

He said. “This child (probably a few hours old) was found abandoned a few yards away from my house here in Tayi, Minna, Niger State. The child was wrapped in leather and left with no clothing

Ants had started crawling on him before he was found. This is the most tragic scene I’ve ever seen in my life. A capital punishment should be introduced against people that do this,”

The umbilical cord is still attached to the baby. I think he was given birth to a few hours ago. They didn’t even bathe him. They just washed the blood off his body and threw him away.”