•    Fans of AY

I don't know if anyone bothered to check what the temperature really was that night, but it's been freezing cold in London lately. It's like the cold came with a vengeance of some sort.

  •     AY on stage

In that freezing cold, I saw a long queue outside the Lighthouse venue for the AY Live show. It wasn't only cold but it was also windy, and the way I saw some of the funseeker's clothes dancing in the icy cold wind made me laugh as I dashed into the Mooboo coffee shop nearby for shelter. Shivering, I was like... this is crazy! How am I going to survive that queue? My "Celeb status" in the Nigerian entertainment industry here in the UK, could get me in through the backdoor, but for the sake of this piece, I would have to come in the same way as everyone else to give me the true feel of this event.

After successfully making my way in with a bit of drama at the entrance, I settled in to my Silver section of the level I could afford-which set me back £60. That's N88,800 at N1480 to a pound. 

 I was barely seated when AY took the stage after some musical performances by some upcoming artists. Quickly, if there is one thing I admire about AY, it's  how he creates platforms for other artists to strive. 

Anyway, AY started off with the unsettling encounter he had with some Davido's fans a couple of months ago. He narrated the insults and bullying he suffered from the Gen Z generation. Well, he sure did make a good joke out of it. 

And here is the part that really got me when he took a swipe at those who claim he isn't funny.

AY didn't stop there... he even said those (of his colleagues) who claimed to be funny would come to a place like London, even with an accommodating weather, they won't pull a crowd such as this... he then went ahead to thank the audience for their loyalty to his brand, especially the Igbo community, who he said have been very supportive! They don't consider the price tags of Tables. Oh yes! 

  • Comedienne Princess.

For those who didn't know, the Gold Table cost a whopping £1,200 and the Silver Table went for  £600. At N1,480 exchange rate, that means in Naira, it was N1,776,000 and N888,000, respectively.  Not cheap.

Over 22 Gold tables were sold! The Silver corner also sold out! Need I say that the turnout was impressive? The atmosphere was cool and embracing. Loads of improvement from previous events. The sounds, large screens, stage performances, and co-ordination of the entire event were very professional. The best I have seen yet in terms of organisation.  

  •     Smade

AY connected impressively with his audience. I wondered why people accused him of not being funny. I found myself disagreeing with those who have raised that line of thought. If he isn't, how has he been able to keep his groove on? He has been true to his callin,"  no doubt about it!  

  • Nollypeek CEO, Evans, and Richie Rich.

Now, to the nitty-gritty of the day. I am talking about the talents lined up for the evening! 

  •     Comedians Don Nice and Mr Cee

Mr Cee, Mr Patrick, MC Danfo, Koboko Master, Black Paddy, Acapella,  etc.

Oh my goodness! They were "wickedly vicious!" I tell you this: in all of my years of attending comedy shows, I have seen very good line up of comedians,  but this set was pretty awesome! They nailed it and didn't disappoint one bit.

These guys took no prisoners! They went straight for the kill! It wasn't like they had anything to prove! They were real and wickedly brilliant!  It was their craft,  and they delivered to the very end! Very unpretentious!

 However, I expected more from the upcoming artist with the Irish jokes.. he just needs to polish his craft,  but the rest were masters in their fields.

My favourites for that evening were Koboko Master and Mr Patrick! Notably, Master Koboko is one artiste the world should watch out for. 

Mr Cee, the Caribbean MC was good in every sense of the word! He got everyone rolling on the floor with his boobs jokes. AY had to announce to the crowd that Mr Cee would be featured in his next show in Nigeria. I think that's an excellent decision. The Nigerian crowd will love him! Nigerian men love Boobs! And who won't love some good Boobs Jokes! Mr Cee got them!

MC Danfo, always the Lady's man! They just love him for advocating their cause. 

I would like to have a sit down with Mr Patrick someday to understand what is playing in that mind of his. He is simply brilliant! 

The organisers, Nollypeek Productions, I noticed, were quite pleased with the night's show. They had smiles playing on their lips... If there were any fights backstage, it wasn't reflected in front. It was a pretty good show.

  •    Konga

One expected a better wrapping up with the musicians who haven't lost their zeal... the Konga guy and his counterpart, who rounded off the show,  could have put more to what they presented. Many were ready to show them love, but they didn't provide much Juice. 

The organisers should have ensured a more befitting reception for their tabled guests to crown the unforgettable comedy experience.  

  •     Comedian Acapella on stage

Knowing the Lighthouse space, I was concerned about noise that might emanate in the silver corner,  but surprisingly, there was none. It was properly managed.

I must say it was good to see industry giants at the event. Present were DJ Abass, Smade, Kenny of Hero's Dairy, Lexy Do, someone mentioned JJ Barry was present,  but I didn't catch a glimpse of him. The Igbo Ambassadors UK were also present, led by their President, Amb. Ugochukwu Morah. 

  •     DJ Abass and Rose Graham

The lovely Victoria Iyama was also present. The Nollywood queen had on a placid smile- att least when I saw her -"Are you good,  girl?  Keep the fire burning! Much love!" 

The Obi Cubana team of Vexon Group led by Francis Onwuka was also at the event.

NIDO's Vice Chair, Lady Jane Ezolu, was also spotted looking alluring in  a beautiful black dress. 

Kanu Nwankwo's wife, Amarachi, a big fan of AYLIVE,  was also present with her fine son. My goodness! She was delectable in that red bodycon dress.

Pretty good turnout even with the piecing cold. 

In terms of security detailing, the show was hands-on. The gentlemen at that section were on top of their game and did a good job with the crowd control.

Surprisingly, unlike many shows I have attended, the lady's toilet was still neat and smelled good even after the event. I don't know how they pulled that off, but that's some massive thumps up for the organisers.  

Truth is, I had a good time, and I am looking forward to the next AYLIVE in London! Or who knows, in Lagos, Nigeria. My soul yarns for the Motherland!

  •     Ugochukwu Morah, Pres. Igbo Ambs and Mr Terry Nwagboniwe

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  •     Rose Graham (Roseonallsides) of BEN Television UK

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