The 2023 Christmas celebration has come and gone. However, what we can not forget quickly are the lovely, eye-catching Christmas posters and greetings that individuals and organisations shared.

Roseonallsides has a huge collection of these heartwarming displays and has decided to share our top 20!

20. Hon. Amb. Lady Edith gave a simple but stylish poster with a Christmas tree and a beautiful picture of herself, as she wished her clients and friends a merry Christmas.

19. Sekinat Adams. The APC Youths leader in the UK shared a poster with an action photo of herself speaking. At the top left was the APC Logo. Lovely poster she has got there. 

18. Chief Mrs Victor Eberendu. Beautiful graphic works. She looked strikingly stylish in her traditional attire. 

17. Dr Azuka Benson's appeared in a full traditional regalia in his poster as he represented his cultural status. We just loved the graphics.  

16.  The Lioness gave her striking logo and an enlarged daring photo of her bold face. Many people from around the world commended the poster.

15. The African Cultural Night of Mr Ayan the 1st. This Christmas greetings and poster stands out like his unique form of art. Mr Culture is known for displaying first-class quality at any given point.  

14.  We have the Chief Executive Officer of Annstone LTD. Ann U. EKWERE. The poster says a lot about the personality on it. It's lovely! 

13. The Chief Executive Officer of Coco Restaurant literally grabbed this spot unapologetically. We loved the poster! It is classy and elegant! 

12. The poster from Ganny Services Ltd. Mr Ganiu A. has two pictures? One would suffice, but hey, it is a unique design, and we love it! 

11. ER had a simple but very rich poster. I don't know if it was done in a hurry and they forgot to put the name, but it was a nice poster with a very handsome photo. 

10. Lady Doyin Ola's poster: It is easily well put together-giving the 'rich auntie vibes' tunes. In a class of it's own!

9. Brand Ambassador, Samson Damian's poster. The poster was just so beautiful with that welcoming smile photo attached to it. Good job. We commend the graphics artist. 

8. Reverend. Joyce Osanyande. I just want to hug that photo of hers that graced the poster. Calm and graceful. It is an edifice! Salud!

7. The BEN Television UK Christmas poster was a well planned and executed work of art with all the information correctly spelt out and designed with  different colours. It actually calms the eyes. Respect to the graphics person. 

6. Fikelephi Jackson of "Against All Odds". She looked amazing on the poster and, at the same time, giving her audience a warm embrace. Elegance and poise.

5.  The CANUK all Exco Poster with the acting Nigerian High Commissioner... Not just a few persons have described it as bold, daring, and if I must say, intimidating.  A beautiful poster at any given standard! 

4.  Hon. Niyi Zaccheus' poster. The Chairman, Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation, NIDO displayed nothing but class, elegance, and statesmanship. It is electric .We commend the work that went into it. 

3. We present the elegant poster of the President of Ohaneze Ndigbo of the UK and Ireland. Chief Lady Aquuen Ibeto. Undoubtedly, the poster stands out. It is classic royalty, and we pay tribute to it! 

2. This poster of the CANUK Chairman, Hon. Ayo Akinfe resonates like the iconic poster of the Steven Spielberg movie, Jaws. It makes one wonder and question what was on his mind when that picture was taken? Garnished with a simple Christmas message, the photo says a thousand words.  


Finally, number 1, ladies and gentlemen, here is the one poster that stole the show for us. The poster of the lovely power couple, Ambassador Bernard and Christy Amalu! The poster snatched the spotlight for many reasons for us. Most importantly, it showed love, unity, togetherness, and grace. Professionally, it was top-notch. 

From the attires to the colours and design. One can't but embrace the true nature of its beauty in its entirety. 

So, what did you think about our carefully selected list? Did we get it right? Let's have your comments... 

Have a fantastic 2024! 

Lots of love from Rose on all sides...