Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been branded two of the year’s “biggest losers” in a Hollywood power ranking following a tumultuous year for the former royals.

According to INDEPENDENT, the annual compilation from The Hollywood Reporter highlighted the duo as two of La La Land’s most major failures of 2023 following the cancellation of their podcast as well as a takedown in South Park.

Harry’s best-selling memoir Spare – which he used to brag of killing Taliban terrorists and detail his fractured relationship with his family – was also lambasted as “whiny”.

The Hollywood Reporter said: “The Harry and Meghan brand swelled into a sanctimonious bubble just begging to be popped” – adding they had failed “to cash in their celebrity status in the States” after moving to Los Angeles.

According to the publication, the turning point this year for Harry and Meghan was their “brutal” takedown in the TV show South Park.While the cartoon didn’t use their names, it featured a red-headed prince and his wife, who wears the exact same outfit Meghan once sported in 2018.