•   Oprah Winfrey

American movie and TV star, Oprah Winfrey, has revealed she has no plans to retire even though she is turning 70 years old next month.

Speaking to People on Wednesday December 14, about her film The Color Purple for their cover story, the American movie and TV star said that she would work until her 'last breath is done.'

'I will never be done until my last breath is done,' the 69-year-old told the outlet. 'And whenever that happens, it will be a peaceful breath.' 

The actress, who also told the publication she has used a weight loss drug, said she will also continue to feel good about where she is in her life.

'Gratitude really is my religion,' she said. 'It was spiritual opening for me to see my life in a different way.' 

She also mentioned that since it has been 12 years since the last episode of her talk show, there is a generation of people, 'who only know me through memes and through what they've heard [through] their parents or grandparents.'

She continued: 'Because what I hear all the time is, "My mother loves you. My mother loves you."'

She noted that is 'great for me' but has allowed her to realize it is important to focus on 'abundance rather than scarcity' and to 'stand solidly' in herself.

'What I realize is that being able to stand solidly in the maturity of my own spiritual growth has been the thing that has brought me to this point,' she explained.