A married man simply identified as Tony, who has been in a long divorce battle with his wife, over issues relating to domestic violence has been killed during a fight with his girlfriend in Rivers state.

The incident which occurred on Friday has now been confirmed by the Rivers State police, through its Public Relations Officer, Grace Iringe-Koko, who added that the suspect has been arrested and is in custody.

It was gathered that Tony who after having an issue with his wife in Enugu, travelled to Rivers state to spend the holiday with his girlfriend at her house located in an estate along the NTA/Apara link road in Port Harcourt, the Rivers state capital.

It was further learnt that Tony who was in the habit of beating his girlfriend, on this fateful day, had an altercation with her, leading to him beating her up and in an attempt to defend herself, the girlfriend stabbed him on his neck, which resulted in him bleeding to death.

A source who wishes to remain anonymous while recounting the incident said even as Tony was bleeding, the couple continued brawl and dragged themselves to the streets until Tony collapsed.

He added that it was at this point sympathizers mobilized to rescue the deceased, but he died on his way to the hospital as a result of excessive bleeding.

Speaking, the source said:

Tony and his girlfriend had an argument that fateful night, which resulted in a fight between them.

There are reports that Tony had always been assaulting the lady for some time, and this time around, I think in an attempt to defend herself, the lady stabbed him in the neck.

They carried on with the fight and dragged themselves into the street as no one was willing to interfere in their fight.

Tony later collapsed after losing lots of blood from the injury he sustained. When he was rushed to the hospital, he went cold on the way and gave up the ghost before they could get to the hospital.

I also heard that he and his wife in Enugu are in a long divorce battle, maybe because of some issues relating to domestic violence.”

Confirming the incident, the Rivers State Police spokesperson said:

The incident happened. The suspect is in police custody, and she is currently undergoing investigation. She will be prosecuted as soon as the investigation is concluded.”