A Nigerian man, Oladapo Ogundipe, has shared the heartbreaking story of how his daughter, Alanis, committed suicide in May this year after she got into a relationship with a “bad” man identified as Ryan. 

In an emotional video interview with Punch, Ogundipe said he had always discouraged his daughter from going into any relationship so she could focus on her life and career but Ryan came suddenly into her life.

The bereaved father said he tried to discourage late Alanis from dating Ryan but he was very careful so she wouldn't run away from him. He said he was never in agreement with her relationship with Ryan.

He said after meeting Alanis, Ryan started doing things that made her vulnerable. He said Ryan was infected with Herpes which is not treatable and went on to infect his daughter so she wouldn't leave him. He said Ryan also stopped Alanis from speaking with other men. 

Ogundipe stated that Ryan pretended he was a very rich guy who ran multiple businesses. The distraught father said Ryan took his daughter to Spain to meet his parents and went on to promise her marriage and to also invest in her future. He said it all turned out to be lies as he didn't have the money he claimed he had.

He said his daughter's mental state began to deteriorate after he started shouting at her and asking for her bank statement and demanding money. He said after this happened, she started researching online on how to commit suicide. 

He said the last straw that broke the camels back was that Ryan allegedly got a hold of her password, broke into her phone when she was sleeping, stole her information, then threatened her with the information. He said Ryan also chased her out of his house violently, seized her passport which he required to claim her money and other belongings.

He said his late daughter told her mum all that was happening between herself and Ryan.

Ogundipe said late Alanis told her mum she was going for a walk to clear her mind, and though her mum discouraged her from leaving the house, she insisted. 

He said she went on to jump in front of a moving train in Manchester on May 29.

He said Ryan was introduced to his daughter by a woman who claimed to be her best friend. He said the lady and Ryan have now reunited in love after Alanis took her life. 

Watch the video of him speaking below…