Pro-Putin regional politician, Vladimir Egorov has died after a suspected fall from a third-floor window.

 Egorov dropped to his death from the third-floor window of a home on Kedrovaya Street in Tobolsk in the Tyumen Oblast, Russian Telegram channel Baza, which has links to Russian security services, reported. 

One source said there was 'no visible sign of a criminal death on the [politician's] body'. Pathologists are to examine the cause of death.

 His corpse was found in the yard of his house, according to reports.

According to the 72 news outlet, Egorov may have suffered from heart problems.

 'One of the most likely reasons is heart problems,' a source told the publication.

 Heart issues are frequently given as the explanation for multiple untimely or suspicious deaths among prominent people in Russia since the start of the war against Ukraine.

The report said: 'In the near future pathologists will conduct an autopsy to establish the true cause of Egorov's death.'

News outlet Baza reported: 'Police are now investigating what exactly caused his fall.'

A trained lawyer with business interests, he had earlier been forced to leave the city administration in 2016 after a corruption scandal for which he was ultimately not convicted.

He returned to politics and was the wealthiest local deputy in his town, Tobolsk.

He leaves behind a wife and two children.

He is not the only high-ranking figure in Russia whose death from falling out of a window has aroused suspicions since the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

In June, the glamorous vice-president of a Russian bank reportedly plunged to her death after falling from the window of her Moscow apartment.

Kristina Baikova, 28, an executive at Loko-Bank, allegedly fell from her 11th-floor apartment on Khodynsky Boulevard in the early hours. She died instantly at the scene.

In February, a top Russian defence official was found dead after plunging 160ft from a tower block window.

Marina Yankina, 58, was discovered by a passerby at the entrance of a house on Zamshina Street in St Petersburg.

She is believed to have fallen from the 16th floor to her death.