Maryam Apaokagi-Greene aka Taooma, popular Nigerian comedian, has left fans in stitches with her latest move.

Taooma, known for her hilarious social media posts, decided to follow in the footsteps of top singer Tiwa Savage and post a swimsuit photo online.

Tiwa recently made headlines when she flaunted her flat stomach and lovely figure in swimsuit photos taken on a beach.

Tao took to her official Instagram page shortly after the music star’s photos went viral to share her own version of the snaps.

In her post, the comedian made sure to embed her face on Tiwa Savage’s body in an attempt to pass it off as her own remake.

Taooma then accompanied the photo with a caption where she addressed the music star.

She wrote: “Aunt @tiwasavage posted my picture before me, but it’s fine mummy Jamal.”

Taooma’s ‘swimsuit’ photos drew a series of funny reactions from netizens including Tiwa Savage.

The music star took to the comment section of the post to express her amusement alongside others.

Tiwa shared an emoji of herself rolling with laughter and another of her hands on her head. Read the comments from other netizens below:

khal_izidor: “Ahn ahnn!! TAO SAVAGE!! Is that you??”

nifemiisrael5: “Tiwa savage vs TAO manage.”

mrakintola: “Reduce the height small on the photoshop.”

Thisdayveed: “You forgot to tie your scarf .”

topbakerng: “The day you try this Mama Taaoo will turn you to suya ni.”

mczeph: “Dem no born you well, Awon Alfa ma sha e ni bulala ni.”

therealfemi: “Something is truly wrong with you.”

viperthewiper_ent: “Haters will say it’s photoshop.”