Popular Nigerian artiste, Oyinkansola Aderibigbe, aka Ayra Starr, has apologised after she was dragged by social media users for disrespecting Juju music icon, King Sunny Ade.

As seen in a viral video online, Starr was seen shaking hands with KSA while standing – a posture that has brought her under the light as netizens lambasted the 21-year-old for disrespecting the septuagenarian.

Realising her error, Starr took to her X handle early Saturday to apologise to the music icon.

With tearful emojis, her tweet read, “I’m so sorry, I had just walked in and all the lights and nerves didn’t let me see but I came back around to greet everyone properly, I have never been that girl to be disrespectful, I’m a proper Yoruba girlllll and the video didn’t start until after I’d greeted burna’s mom! I’m very sorry to the legend, uncle and King Sunny Ade.”


However, some users weren’t satisfied as they said she still labelled KSA as an “uncle.”

Netizens’ reactions

An X user, @adxjnr tweeted, “Point of Correction Sabi girl, KSA is not your “Uncle” He is old enough to be addressed as a “Daddy” Good gesture you apologized btw, Kudos.”

@mister_ade5 wrote, “I just knew that you didn’t see him properly and I’m glad you came to clear the air  Stay safe and love you baby.”

@47kasz tweeted, “After not greeting king sunny ade properly Ayra Starr still came on twitter to call him “uncle” Copying black America culture is too funny.. that’s daddy or grandpa!! 21yr and calling 77yrs old man uncle.”

Another user, @Oladapomikky1 tweeted with a photo caption of both greeting modes, “Ayra Starr with King Sunny Ade. Wizkid with King Sunny Ade while on Stage together. It’s high time we cancel her for disrespecting an icon like King Sunny Ade.”

@itzbasito wrote, “Wizkid laid down flat to greet King Sunny Ade, thats how you greet a legend and an elder.”