A British mother-of-three who had a Brazilian bum-lift operation in Turkey has tragically died just days later.

Demi Agoglia, 26, is thought to have suffered cardiac arrests after returning to the clinic in Istanbul for a check-up following the op.

Relatives told The Sun newspaper she was pronounced dead in hospital on Monday after going into cardiac arrest in the taxi to the hospital, with her partner Bradley Jones desperately giving her CPR.

Ms Agoglia, a mum-of-three from Salford, Greater Manchester, is thought to have suffered heart attacks caused by a fat embolism after last Thursday’s surgery.

Her brother Carl, 37, urged others thinking of doing the same not to do so and told the paper: “It is tragic what happened. We are just in shock.”

He said: "If anyone is thinking of flying to Turkey for an operation I would say don't do it! Even her boyfriend didn't want her to do it.

“But she is 26 and has her own mind. Her mum didn't want her to go out either.”

He added: “She is only 26, she shouldn't have die. Just don't do it, it's such a high risk. She should never have done it. She has left three young kids.

“I was just told this morning. Her two eldest children were away with their dad and came home early and have been told. She also has a seven-month-old baby."

Her younger sister Georgina also posted an emotional tribute video on TikTok after Ms Agoglia’s passing.