Davido has followed his former signee Lilfrosh on IG hours after he shared a video denying he physically assaulted his ex girlfriend, Taiwo and asked for forgiveness from Davido

Explaining what happened some years ago, Lilfrosh said he slapped Taiwo after she disrespected his mum. Read here. He claimed the photos Taiwo released, insinuating that he hit her in the eye, making it to swell, was not what actually happened.

According to him, Taiwo had a boil at the back of her head and this made one of her eyes swell. He claimed she released the photos of her swollen eyes to create a false narrative that he was behind it.

In the videos and posts he released, Lilfrosh appealed to his former boss, Davido, to forgive him.

Davido terminated LhilFrosh's contract after Taiwo came public with the domestic violence allegation three years ago.