Supa Emcee, the Detroit rapper whose biggest claim to fame is being cut out of Eminem's “8 Mile”, has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend. 

Supa Emcee has been accused by security operatives of stabbing and slashing his partner of 13 years, Kelly Mays, around 17 times in the neck and chest during an alleged altercation in their Detroit apartment on January 7.

He fled the scene before turning himself in later in the day, when he was ultimately charged with murder.

Mays' daughter later denounced all association with the rapper, telling local Fox 2 Detroit, “I hate him now and he is no father of mine. I touched her foot, and it was cold. I have nightmares about it so every time I fall asleep, I see it.”

Supa Emcee is a seasoned veteran on the Detroit rap scene. He got the chance to battle rap against Em in the iconic hip-hop film but the scene got downgraded to the DVD, destined to become a relic soon.