Kanye West recently received serious backlash for sharing explicit photos of his wife Bianca Censori

According to THE NEWS INTERNATIONAL, Kanye West's wife, Bianca Censori, regretted her decision to be used by the rapper, who recently shared the architectural designer's explicit photos. 

In conversation with The Mirror, renowned celebrity psychic and astrologer, Inbaal Honigman, read a Tarot card for the latest controversial couple in the town. 

Speaking of the songwriter, Inbaal said, "Kanye's Tarot card, following the publishing of his wife's racy snaps, is the Emperor card. This is the boss card, the big ruler in the Tarot."

She claimed that Kanye is feeling superior and confident at the moment. The expert added, "This is an unshakable representation of a secure and powerful dominator."

While revealing Bianca's feelings after her provocative photos went viral online, Inbaal shared, "She realises now that this is not the outcome."

She continued, "As this is a card of emotions, the Australian beauty is all in her feels about the photos, and she wonders whether it was a good idea to agree to them in the first place."

These comments came after the Runaway singer penned a birth wish for her wife.

Kanye wrote, "Happy birthday to the most beautiful super bad iconic muse inspirational talented artist masters degree in architecture 140 IQ loving by my side everyday when half the world turned their backs on me..."

He continued, "...and the most amazing step mom to our children I love you so much thank you for sharing your life with me."