King Charles not expected to return to duty 'anytime soon'

King Charles advised to take proper rest for his speedy recovery after prostate surgery

King Charles - who's doing well after his successful prostate surgery - is expected to be discharged from the hospital within days but won't return to duty anytime soon. 

The 75-year-old, who was diagnosed with the benign condition on January 17, cancelled engagements and was urged to rest by his doctors ahead of the corrective procedure due to his advanced age.

"King Charles would need proper rest for his speedy recovery after his enlarged prostate surgery. He won't return to duty any time soon," a source has claimed.

UK's Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wished the King "very best" for his treatment and a "speedy recovery" afterwards.

Queen Camilla, who was all smiles an in good spirits after meeting her husband in the hospital, previously said the monarch is "fine" and looking forward to getting back to work.

Charles is being treated at the private London Clinic where the Princess of Wales is also recovering after his abdominal surgery on January 16.

The King reportedly visited his beloved daughter-in-law before his procedure to bring smile to her face.

Prince William is also expected to visit to the hospital any time soon to enquire after his dad's health. He was last seen leaving the hospital on January 18 after Kate's surgery. 

However, Prince Harry has not revealed his plan to see or visit his ailing royal relatives. He reportedly made a phone call to his father amid royal health crisis.