King Charles is reportedly set to stop his brother's private security funding, forcing him out of his current residence after he was named in Jeffrey Epstein's court documents.

The Duke of York has resided at the royal property on the grounds of Windsor Castle since 2004. He had signed a 75-year lease agreement ahead of moving into the estate, which belonged to the Queen Mother up until her death in 2002.

The recent unsealing of documents linked to the paedophile sex trafficker has tarnished the image of Prince Andrew. However, a source told the Daily Mail that these current findings could “crystallize” the king's decision to solve the “Andrew problem.”

“When it comes to any public role for his brother, there is no way back,” the insider told the outlet. “There has always been an agreement that Andrew would be permitted to attend private and family events, as is his right. But not public or official ones. That has not changed,” the source added.

Prince Andrew who currently shares the 31-room Windsor mansion with his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson recenty denied King Charles' requests to move into a smaller Frogmore Cottage, which once belonged to Harry and Meghan.

“When it comes to family, it is difficult. But this association is just never going to go away. And that means he [Andrew] has to,” the source added.

As per the outlet, should Prince Andrew choose to stay at the Royal Lodge, he must pay millions to fund his security costs.