Meghan Markle is continuously warned to reconsider her decision to write a memoir

Meghan Markle has been suggested to postpone publishing her autobiography since it would incite "negative sentiment" against her and worsen her connection with the Royal Family.

According to reports, the Duchess of Sussex was writing a memoir to "set the record straight" regarding her tenure at The Firm. But it's said that her husband, Prince Harry, "put an end to her plans" in an effort to make peace with his divided family.

PR expert Ryan McCormick thinks Harry made the right call. Talking exclusively to The Mirror, he said: "From a PR perspective, I think Harry made the right decision in kiboshing Meghan's new book which could have strained the relationship with his family even further."

He also suggested Meghan's book would not be as successful as she might hope. "Would another book by Meghan revealing new tales from Buckingham palace be successful? I think it will be in the short term.

"However, in the long term I can see it fanning the flames of negative sentiment towards Meghan," Ryan explained. A source said Harry and Meghan have reached a compromise about Meghan's book.

Speaking to New magazine, the source explained: "They eventually compromised so that Meghan could work on a book about female empowerment." The source said Meghan's book will focus on her work championing women, instead of "taking fresh swipes at the Royal Family."