A Nigerian lady, Peace Ijeoma Albert, has said she stopped wondering why none of her her ex-boyfriends didn't marry her when she realised that she had a terrible anger issue that made her lash out and sometimes damage things. 



She disclosed this in a post on Wednesday, January 10, 2024, while narrating how her husband helped to overcome her anger issue. 


"Sometimes I wonder why my ex them no marry me. But I stopped thinking when I realized how much hubby has tolerated me," she wrote. 


Let me share a story with you and please learn. Before I got married, I had this anger issue, very terrible one oh.


I hardly let go. In fact, if you claim that you love me, one of the things you should get ready to handle is my anger wahala and insecurity.


Let's talk about insecurity later, I will tell you some day how it ruined things for me in the past.


For today, lets talk about the anger issue. So, when I became intimate with hubby, I noticed that he had anger issues too, but mine was at the peak.


Hubby complained so much, I broke up with him severally, damaged things because I was unable to control that demon in me then


Hubby will always beg even for doing nothing, hmmm


I tried walking away from the relationship because of the level of harm and pains I cause him each time I became angry


But, hubby never wanted to let me go, I knew I was going to give him stress, but he verbally promised to help me to work on anger


Now here are the lessons 


Hubby knew what he wanted, so, he dropped pride, dropped his own anger just to have me in his life


How many men can do it these days? Some of you will even push her away by yourself


Again, hubby officially became my manager. Each time, I was angry, hubby took the pain of managing me and he obviously k!lled that demon in me then.


Again, hubby saw afar. He knew he wasn't making a mistake.


Don't just see her beauty, see her vision, that will enable you to build capacity and f!ght all her flaws together.


Today, I can't even remember getting angry for a long period of time.


Sometimes, I will be angry oh, next minute person don collect one hand in bed


Maybe afterwards, I will then remember that I was angry prior to that time


Learn to help fix your partner, especially if she wants to be helped.