Sarah, Duchess of York has now been diagnosed with malignant melanoma

Sarah Ferguson has reportedly been diagnosed with skin cancer, occurring mere months after undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

The Duchess of York underwent the removal of a mole from her body, and subsequent tests revealed it to be a malignant melanoma, the most severe form of skin cancer.

This development follows the 64-year-old's breast cancer operation last year, and sources close to her suggest that it has been a challenging period for the Duchess.

A spokesman for Sarah, Duchess of York said: 'Following her diagnosis with an early form of breast cancer this summer, Sarah, Duchess of York has now been diagnosed with malignant melanoma.

'Her dermatologist asked that several moles were removed and analysed at the same time as the Duchess was undergoing reconstructive surgery following her mastectomy, and one of these has been identified as cancerous.'

'She is undergoing further investigations to ensure that this has been caught in the early stages. Clearly, another diagnosis so soon after treatment for breast cancer has been distressing but the Duchess remains in good spirits.'

'The Duchess wants to thank the entire medical team which has supported her, particularly her dermatologist whose vigilance ensured the illness was detected when it was. She believes her experience underlines the importance of checking the size, shape, colour and texture and emergence of new moles that can be a sign of melanoma.'