We love these posters! They excite us! They are an art form that should be celebrated as part of the tantalizing varieties of the season! 

This time around, we will be sticking to the Top 10 for a number of reasons... 

A lot of posters were directly sent to us after the successful Top 20 posters we had for the Christmas celebrations! So, to make it quite memorable, we decided to maintain this number. 

Anyway, without much ado, let's get right into them.

At  our number 10 is the Olusegun Babalola's poster. The publisher of Babs magazine in it, wished everyone a Happy New Year with his photo in place but with no indication of who it is coming from. The face is enough - for those who know.

Number nine, comes in the Mayor Ola Fancy gold ring design with both brands - the Fancy Channel and the Entrepreneurial Award.  There is more screaming to come alive from this poster. This is all we got! Cheers, Mayor!

At number eight is the heartwarming message from the lady boss- Abi Megaplus! Now we are getting some real person-to-person message and a beautiful photo of herself as signature. We love it!  

Number seven. We just love this couple poster from Pastor and Pastor Mrs. Adeshiles. The picture the couple shared, sends a powerful message of a strong union, unbreakable ally and a "we-express-this-love-that-we-share-to-all", kind of message! It's simply beautiful!

At number six is the not so simple but sophisticated poster from the Vera Gold foundation.  For me, this soft welcoming combination of colours is one of the most beautiful images this brand has represented itself with.

Number five is the happy-go-lucky smiling poster of the Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation (NIDO), Vice Chair, Hon. Lady Jane. She gave a confident smile as she welcomes us all to a gold dust encrusted 2024! We love the smile, the makeup,  the laid-back colours, and the lights of a romantic evening.  

At the fourth place is Dr. Morenike Ajayi, MBE of Career Nuggets' family. We are suckers for couple posters, and we couldn't resist this one from the power couple in the Nigerian/UK community. We embrace the beauty and the central theme of the poster- Love!

In the third position is UK based Comedian, Akpos. The poster simply blew us away with its prowess and precision! The colours, graphics, attire, and personality all had a fine purposeful blend- all worked in unison. Well done!

At number two, let's talk about a high concept power packed poster! Here is one that tells you to look no further! It all starts and ends here. We bring you the brain behind the Sound Mind concept with one of the fastest growing followers on social media. In his usual manner of succinctly inspiration, Kola Adeneye's Superman poster shows a formidable photo of him standing tall in an executive-like manner, which tells you of how successful you can be in 2024, if you set your mind to it! It's truly inspirational! 

Finally, at our number one spot, ladies and gentlemen, is the poster of Mr Ayan the 1st! The man who never ceases to remind us about where we came from, who we are, and what we stand for! 

His placement and cultural imagery of the poster is beautiful, attractive, and displays all elements of  fine art! His striking image on the poster is very stylish and absolutely captures the nature of its essence! Mr Culture's reputation of top notch quality precedes him, and we are not disappointed in his continuous upscale standards, which is well depicted on this poster.

He deserves our number one spot! Kudos to him!

And that's it, folks! We hope you enjoyed our analysis! Let's have your comments and suggestions! We embrace them all! 

We at roseonallsides are looking forward to great artistic posters from all in the Nigerian /UK Community when we celebrate Christmas 2024 and the New Year by HIS GRACE! Have the most outstanding year!