Waves of Arctic air continue to move across the UK as temperatures fall below -14C.

According to Met Office UK, Tuesday was the coldest January night since 2019. Due to Harsh conditions caused by heavy snowfall, schools were forced to shut down across Scotland and northern England, BBC reported.

Forecasters say Wednesday night could be the coldest January temperature for over 14 years. More than 40cm of snow may collect in north-west Scotland if wintry weather continues. Snow, sleet, and rain will continue to blanket northern parts of the UK, with small periods of sunshine. Heavy frosts and freezing conditions are likely to prevail around the country.

On Wednesday, Scotland's Temperatures are forecasted to remain at freezing throughout the day.

The UK Health Security Agency has issued an amber cold weather alert this week for England, meaning the National Health Service (NHS) is expected to come under extra pressure and elderly people may be more at risk.

The Met Office has issued three yellow weather warnings for Wednesday:

A snow and ice warning for Northern Ireland and northern Scotland until 23:59 GMT on Wednesday.

An ice warning for southern Scotland until 12:00 on Wednesday.

A snow and ice warning for northern England and northern Wales until 12:00 on Wednesday.

The UK is braced for sub-zero temperatures until the weekend, with Tuesday seeing more than 100 school closures in Scotland and dozens in Merseyside.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Andy Page has warned of drifting or blizzard conditions.