•              Yul & May Edochie.

Nollywood Actor, Yul Edochie has taken to Instagram to blast his estranged wife, May Yul-Edochie after she said 2023 stole her flesh and blood.

May on Monday expressed sadness and grief over the year 2023, describing it as a period that snatched away her "flesh and blood" and left her in a state of misery and confusion. 

Recall that 16-year-old Kambiichukwu, first son of May and actor Yul Edochie, died after he slumped while playing football in school.

“Dear 2023, you were pregnant on the very first day of Jan unknown to anyone what you would deliver. You dealt with me in the most catastrophic ways…. Too many adversities/misfortunes and the worst of it, you stole my own flesh and blood, leaving me in the most devastating, miserable, and confused state that I could never have imagined", she wrote.

Reacting to the development, Yul accused May of undergoing a breast enlargement surgery and tummy tuck without his consent.

He wrote:

"2023 stole your flesh & blood, but you still had enough time to do breast enlargement surgery and tummy tuck without your husband's consent.

"Obviously endorsed by your married boyfriend.

"Enough of the manipulation. Stop manipulating people on social media to hate me and feel pity for you while you enjoy your life secretly. Because they don't know the real you.

"I will not take it in 2024. I've been silent for too long. I've been doing my best to protect your image while you're doing all you can to destroy mine. ENOUGH".