1.       Your hubby is not perfect, accept him.

2.       Your hubby is the bone of your bone, don't reject him.

3.       Your hubby is a special gift from God, appreciate him.

4.       Your hubby is not your mate, respect him. 

5.       Your hubby made you a wife, don't make him regret his choice of you.

6.       Your hubby is your backbone, nourish him.

7.       Your hubby still loves his Mummy , take note.

8.       Your hubby is sexually active, don't deny him sex.

9.       Your hubby loves good food, give it to him.

10.   Your hubby need your encouragement, don't be judgemental.

11.   Your hubby is not your enemy, believe him.

12.   Your hubby is a friend, hug him.

13.   Your hubby love peaceful atmosphere, create it.

14.   Your hubby is a male gender, allow him some ego.

15.   Your hubby is your hero , celebrate him.

16.   Your hubby is your head, don't over burden him .

17.   Your hubby wants to satisfy you, help him to reach the goal.

18.   Your hubby is your king, adore him.

19.   Your hubby is not a machine, give him a break.

20.   Your hubby is trying his best , don’t compare him with his friends.

21.   Your hubby is not a dustbin, don't pour all your worries on him.

22.   Your hubby is not a rapist , sometimes seduce him.

23.   Your hubby is not ATM machine, sometimes he may not have money.

24.   Your hubby is all you have, keep him safe.

25.   Your hubby is your validation , be proud of him. 

26.   Your hubby is your greatest asset, don't devalue him.

27.   Your hubby is the husband of your youth, stick to him. 

28.   Your hubby needs your honor, never embarrass him in the public.

29.   Your hubby is not a politician, trust him.

30.   Your hubby is a distinct personality, never compare him to anyone.

31.   Your hubby is faithful , don’t be suspicious of him.

32.   Your hubby is not your boss , be free with him.

33.   Your hubby can make mistakes, don't capitalize on it.

34.   Your hubby sometimes need a space, don't feel he no longer loves you.

35.   Your hubby is a good man, don't abuse or take him for granted.

36.   Your hubby trust you, don't lie to him. 

37.   Your hubby wants freedom, don't cage him.

38.   Your hubby can be easily provoked, don't provoke him easily. 

39.   Your hubby may not meet all your needs, however, never report him to your family people.

40.   Your hubby is prone to temptation, guard him. 

41.   Your hubby is not a fool, do not under - rate him.

42.   Your hubby is your responsibility, make sure he looks presentable.

43.   Your hubby is your first baby, breastfeed him always.

44.   Your hubby is number one in your life, priorities him 

45.   Your hubby is your treasure, centre your heart on him. 

46.   Your hubby needs your help, your are his help meet.

47.   Your hubby need your full attention, drop your phone whenever you are together. 

48.   Your hubby is your lord, summit to his authority.

49.   Your hubby is your first pastor,  take counsel from him.

50.   You will account to God about your husband , how you handle him and how you supported him. God bless you all humble and supportive wives !

This year work towards being a crown on your husband's head to make him the king he should be. That way you will be the queen. Don't be the neck to always turn him in all directions you wish. Thanks for reading.

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Faith Nwachukwu