A couple got shocked to the bones when no guests showed up for their wedding.

According to the Daily Mail, the couple spent more than $27,000 (almost N43 million) on their wedding and received confirmations from 88 guests.

One of the pair, @grayanxiety, tweeted a TikTok video of the empty wedding location, which was filled with tables for guests that never arrived.

“88 people said yes… not even 40 showed up,” the video’s description stated.

As of this report, the video has received over five million views. While the couple’s circumstance is terrible, another bride manufactured a similar scenario.

In a recent interview, Ogbe Anne Charles, the CEO of Roli’s Cake & Confectionery, described the issue as extremely difficult.

“I think the groom or the couple must have done something wrong for people not to have attended their wedding. This is a very very complicated situation,” Anne said.

People sympathized with the disappointed couple

ermrphy said: “I DJ’d a reception like this. I felt so bad for the bride, she kept crying, they said the has 120 confirmed and only about 15 showed up.”

Gazziejeff (JFH) said: “The pandemic changed a lot of people’s mental state. Going 2 parties & social gathering will take 8 years 2 rebound.”

Viintagepearlsss said: “Only 3 ppl showed up for me. 97% of our guests was my husbands family.”

thomasherold7 said: “Send the 48 that didn’t show a due upon receipt what it cost for them not showing. Charge them.”

ohnhinkelman246 said: “When someone shows you their true colors, believe them the first time – Maya Angelou.”

zachwight999 said: “What happens to me all the time you know how many barbecue food I had to throw away.”