The boxing legend took to Facebook to reveal all that he lost for standing against corruption. He also made his goals known as he vowed to change his current situation.


He wrote: "TODAY, Tuesday, February 27 is my birthday.


"For 17 years I struggled in VAIN to host in my country, Nigeria my Guinness World Record Boxing Championship Fight because I was BOLD to say NO to CORRUPTION in Sport in particular and in Nigeria in general. 


“In 17 years, I went from being a MILLIONAIRE in DOLLARS to a ZERONAIRE in NAIRA. 


"In 17 years I was BEATEN and INJURED that I had to be admitted twice and treated at the National Hospital in Abuja. 


"In 17 years I was DETAINED 8 times at various POLICE STATIONS in Abuja. In 17 years I was once detained at KUJE PRISON for 43 days. 


"I went through hell in my country not because I am a CRIMINAL but because I say NO to CORRUPTION. Despite JUICY offers to fight OUTSIDE of Nigeria I NEVER GAVE UP ON MY DREAM to fight in Nigeria and I NEVER GAVE UP on Nigeria. 


"Today, our dream is finally becoming a reality and because I am an EXTRAORDINARY HUMAN BEING, I am going to FIGHT until I am 70 years, retire YOUNG and HEALTHY with a LOT OF MONEY and then go on to be the PRESIDENT of Nigeria. This is my ULTIMATE goal so mark my words. 


"Thank u very much for always being by my side. I appreciate you, always. Happy birthday The Great Bash Ali.”