In a heart-wrenching incident at No. 8, Boluke Line, Zango-Kulende quarters, Ilorin, a boy and two girls, siblings of the same parent, lost their lives due to extreme suffocation inside a car parked in their residential quarters on Sunday.

The children, playing inside the borrowed car, accidentally locked themselves in at around 2 p.m.

The car, borrowed from their father's sister within the same premises, became a harrowing scene when their mother, Shade Silifat, returned from buying noodles for their school meals.

Discovering their footwear outside the car, she raised an alarm after forcing the doors open, only to find her children motionless, having succumbed to suffocation.

Efforts to rescue them were made, rushing the children to Olutayo Clinic, near their residence, but the medical director, Dr. Adeyemo, advised moving them to the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, where they were tragically confirmed dead.

The grieving family later conducted the burial at the Muslim cemetery, adhering to Islamic rites.