King Charles opened up about the overwhelming support he has received following his cancer diagnosis

Royal Family fans may anticipate a delightful surprise arriving in their mailboxes within the forthcoming months, as indicated by a prominent expert.

Michael Cole, a distinguished royal writer and correspondent, foresees that individuals who conveyed messages of encouragement to King Charles after his cancer diagnosis will likely receive a response from the Monarch.

He told GB News: “The King has received around 7000 messages and they will all get a reply if they sent a card with an address on it.

“I think Buckingham Palace has certainly upped the act here. The new people who are handling the public relations for His Majesty can be congratulated. They are being more open, candid and there's more frankness about what's going on. That's all to be welcomed.

“I'm sure he will have some help dealing with the cards. I think he's been moved, he said he was moved to tears - whether they were tears of laughter, or tears of concern. Big boys don't cry, but the King probably makes his own rules and anybody is entitled to have a few tears when they're confronted with intimations of immortality.”

Mr Cole added: “I think the King has actually been moved by the outpouring of concern for him. Perhaps he suddenly realised that people do really like him. He’s quite a man. He's always tried to do the right thing. He started off very well as King last year with an excellent first year.”

Amidst these health challenges, Charles's daughter-in-law, the Princess of Wales, is undergoing recovery from major abdominal surgery.

However, she is not expected to resume official duties until after Easter, adding to the complexities facing the royal family in 2024.