•  Rose Peter Graham

It’s my birthday, a day I mark another milestone and another trip around the sun. In the outpouring of goodwill, love and sincere felicitations from friends and strangers alike, I find the gentle whisper of God’s enduring grace. 

As I celebrate this day, I can’t help but reflect on my life’s journey. I think back on my simple background and the odds that I beat to get where I am today. The endemic and systemic rot that cast hardworking men of the uniform like my father into the most desperate circumstances left me having to fight harder than others to propel myself through life.

I was a fighter. I dug my heels when life pummeled me and swore I would make a name for myself, and make a name I did. My grit and determination were just as noticeable as my stature. In university, I juggled my studies with work. Driven by a need to see a change in society, starting from the campus, a microcosm of the larger society, I joined student Union politics and other progressive organizations. As any human subject to the vicissitudes of life, I enjoyed the highs and the lows. The most poignant of my losses being the death of a beloved friend who passed after a car accident. 

My foray into broadcasting started while in school. Breaking through the barriers that seemed insurmountable was a testament to my self belief. Coming from a humble background with God as my sole connection, I stood before kings as the Bible promised in Proverbs 22:29. This humble girl from Yaba and Ogba traveled around the world, meeting with and interviewing important personalities. I traversed the world of television boldly and undeterred by circumstances.

I continue in my quest to leave an indelible mark on humanity. I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe in the divine hand of God orchestrating every move of His children, and I am blessed to among his fold. 

This day, I celebrate my life, my wins and everything that seemed as a loss at the time. I celebrate the awesome, generous, unconventional, unforgettable and beautiful person that is ME. I also celebrate every one of you that has sent love my way. It is a good day and I revel in the wonderful memories it evokes and the joy it brings.