Ella & Ikechukwu.

In May 2021, Nollywood actor and rapper, Ikechukwu held a star studded wedding to his now former wife, Ella in Lagos and in 2024, the same Ikechukwu has announced that the marriage had crashed.

"ROSEONALLSIDES" learnt he spoke to Daddy Freeze Live where he made the disclosure of their the crash of the 3yrs old union, stating that they irreconcilable differences, gaslighting and not infidelity as the reasons for the crash of the union.

According to what he told Daddy Freeze, "My wife and I are no longer together. We separated due to irreconcilable differences. It wasn't over infidelity. There were too much gaslighting, too much looking for faults and too much listening to outsiders"

According to him, "I tried to save our marriage but I got to a point where I couldn't tolerate my ex-wife's excesses anymore and I showed her my other side and we couldn't bear it".

Bottom-line, the marriage has crashed beyond repair and they both have moved on.