It was my day, and I lived it to the very fullest with my loved ones.

At the close of the wonderful day, a very dear friend gifted me a cosy and enjoyable dinner.

The night began when we made our way to the high brow business district of London and to Big Easy, a popular restaurant at Canary Wharf.

 The beautiful panelled wood, vintage lighting, and lively atmosphere added to the birthday buzz, and I couldn’t help but be in my elements. We got a table with the breathtaking view of the sparkling London night and the waters below.

The restaurant had a live band playing for the evening. My friend shared my name with the band, and they sang me a song, as well as shared my photos.

The food was great. I had a pinacolada and guess what? I tasted Tequila and lime for the very time in my life! I have often seen the culture of downing a Tequila and immediately inserting the lime in the mouth. I tried it and was pleasantly surprised to find that the lime erases the taste of the alcohol.

 However, as I am quite a light head, things got a bit woozy fast, and I found myself nursing a headache soon after. So note to self- no more Tequilas! 

Overall, I had a great time. The food was good, the ambience joyful, with a lot of laughter to remind me how blessed I am. My very special someone treated me like a queen, and I felt really special. God bless him for making my day unforgettable. 

The following are images from that beautiful evening. Do join the moments and enjoy...