Piers Morgan appears in celebrating mood as Prince Harry loses security battle against UK Home Office

Royal fans and experts have seemingly celebrated as Prince Harry lost security battle against Home Office in row over police protection.

Reacting to High Court judge Sir Peter Lane's ruling against the Duke of Sussex, British outspoken TV presenter Piers Morgan appeared in celebrating mood as he took no time to turn to X (formerly Twitter) to share his feelings on the judgement.

The 58-year-old wrote: "Good.. he shouldn’t be allowed to have his royal cake and eat it."

He also shared the screengrab of the big news from the UK high court as the the judge rules "there has not been any unlawfulness in reaching the decision" to revise his security. Any departure from policy was justified. The decision was not irrational. The decision was not marred by procedural unfairness. "

The decision has been made by Prince Harry's High Court challenge after he took legal action over the level of his personal security when visiting the UK.

The court's ruling has seemingly stopped Prince Harry's plan to bring Meghan Markle  and their children to the UK as he was reportedly in talks with the government officials.