Prince Harry, Meghan Markle receive shock news from royal family

Meghan and Harry will reportedly never be welcomed back into the Firm

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will reportedly never be welcomed back into the Firm as the royal family have adopted a new strategy to fight off their spate of attacks, according to a former royal butler.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who were said to be hoping to make amends with the royal family in the near future, have allegedly had 'door firmly shut' in their face with their some "unwise" or "ill-judged" decisions as the royals have employed a new tactic to teach them a lesson.

Meghan and Harry have been estranged from the royal family ever since they stepped down from their official duties back in 2020 and relocated to the US.

Now Paul Burrell, who worked as Princess Diana's butler from 1987- 1997, has said that any reconciliation between the two camps is highly unlikely as the royals have "no space" for the Montecito couple.

He claimed that the Firm has adopted a new tactic of keeping everything "in-house".

Speaking on behalf of Slingo, he explained: "I don’t think they will ever be invited back with open arms. The doors are firmly shut: I think the royals are consolidating. They are keeping tight-lipped and they are keeping everything in-house."

"I think that is their tactic: they have regrouped and pulled together and there is no space for Meghan and Harry."

The former royal butler has also added to the speculation that the former Suits actress will end up releasing her own explosive memoir.