Prince William ‘needs support’ from ‘once close’ brother Prince Harry

Prince Harry, Prince William were not on speaking terms for more than a year

Prince William and Prince Harry may have been estranged over their royal rift for over a year, but the brothers need each other now more than anything.

Merely days after King Charles underwent the procedure for his enlarged prostrate, Buckingham Palace announced that the monarch has been diagnosed with a form of cancer, although in its ‘early stages.’

The Royal family was already short on senior working members and with the health crisis of the king and Kate Middleton, Prince William also had to step back to show support for his wife.

Now, it seems that William will be bearing the burden of royal duties as the next in line to the throne, and he needs the support of his once close sibling.

The Duke of Sussex is flying to London after a personal call from his father and the brothers would now be pushed into a reunion, albeit an awkward one, as they both show their support to their ‘darling pa.’

Harry and William may not have been on speaking terms, but Camilla Tominey suggested to The Telegraph that royal insiders will “no doubt be hoping that news of their father’s cancer diagnosis acts as a catalyst to bring William and Harry back on speaking terms.”

Previous reports also suggested that the once close bond between royal siblings has been ‘broken beyond repair.’

“The one thing they do still have in common is their shared love for their ‘darling Pa,’ the only parent they have left,” Tominey said.

She added, “If this shock announcement brings about any kind of royal rapprochement, then it will certainly help the King on the road to recovery.”