The founder of Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention Deliverance Ministry Onitsha, Chukwuemeka Cyril Ohanaemere also known as Odumeje, has claimed responsibility for lowering the dollar-to-naira exchange rate with one of his powers, Abido Shaker.

The controversial cleric made this known while speaking with his members during a ministration service.

The naira continued to appreciate against the US dollar on Monday, exchanging N1,360 and N1,408.04 per USD at both parallel and official foreign currency markets.

The naira has gained significantly after exchanging N1,920 per USD a few weeks ago.

While reacting to the development, Odumeje said the dollar exchange rate came down because of his powers.

He said, “I used ‘Abidoshaker’. When I am speaking about powers, I am not a joker. Google all my miracles. I stood before this altar, telling you I would use all my powers to stop the dollar, that I would start with the dollar and use Abidoshaker to bring dollar down. And I performed it.

“No pastor tried that. No pastor said that kind of thing. I will still bring down dollar and still handle the presidential seat of Nigeria. I have never said anything without perfecting it.

“Google about my miracles. When I decide anything that will happen with that seat, anything I decide with that seat of the President will happen.”