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The euphoria that greeted the arrival of Air Peace Lagos - London operations is spreading across the globe. 

  Chief Bimbo Folayan Roberts

On Thursday March the 28th, the Nigerian Diaspora Direct Investment Summit (NDDIS) hosted an exclusive, grandiose business cocktail session to address the Nigerian community in the UK on the official launch of Air Peace flight from London to Lagos.


The conference was held at the prestigious Claremont Hotel in Chairing Cross, London. In attendance were business leaders, entrepreneurs, top management of Air Peace, dignitaries, community leaders, stakeholders, and men and women from the Nigerian and African community in the UK. 

Ikenna C. Nnabuife

Asst. Marketing Manager, Air Peace

The colourful atmosphere triggered by the huge attendance of Nigerians in the UK testified to the fact that the Air Peace Lagos-London operation is a welcome development.

Otunba Bimbo Folayan Roberts, MD NDDIS and Sindy Foster, Consultant for Air peace

The NDDIS initiative, championed by Otunba Bimbo Folayan Roborts, is well known for organising events that attract Nigerian business leaders in the Diaspora, mobilising investments  with stakeholders and business owners and also creating opportunities to establish sustainable businesses.

Dr Malcom Benson and Dr Paulin Long

Her partnering with Air Peace shows the testament of the NDDIS commitment to the transformation of trade and investments between the Diaspora and the homeland for economic and national development.

    Ayo Akinfe, CANUK Chairman

This business cocktail created a unique platform that gave attendees the opportunity to network with a select number of people as they connected over drinks and canapés.

Chief Ajidua and Dr Boma Douglas

Presentations were made by the Air Peace team using high-resolution images and videos. 

Middle, Hon Bims Oluwasona MBE, General Secretary, NIDO UKS 

Right,Ayo Adedoyin, CEO International Organisation for Peace Building and Social Justice

Reels of brand ambassadors, models, and social media influencers were also shared. 

Chief Bimbo Folayan Roberts, MD NDDIS and NIDO Chairman, Pastor and Mrs Niyi Z.and wife.

Attendees were given the opportunity to ask questions and to express any concerns. Expressly, the Air peace Assit. Marketing Manager. Ikenna C. Nnabuife, assured everyone how prepared they are for the business at hand.

Pastor Niyi Zacchaeus, NIDO Chairman

Furthermore, many of the attendees were visibly filled with excitement as they showered Air Peace with accolades. 

Otunba Bimbo Folayan Roborts with Air peace Team.

Her Royal Highness, Princess Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin, a strong member of the Diaspora Nigerian community, said: 

Otunba and Mrs Bimbo Folayan Roberts and their lovely daughter

"It's been a long time coming, and the Peace in Air Peace carries a huge significance for us all to embrace. "

Dr Abbey Akinoshun, Maureen Charming Layokun and Tokunbo Sonowo

In his contribution, Chief

Onyema Anthony Ajiduah 

President emeritus, Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo UK & Ireland, said that he hoped it wouldn't be business as usual.  "It is important that Air Peace continue with the promises it has made, and we promise you that you will get the full support of the Diasporas."He said as he went ahead to acknowledge the undeniable huge feat. 

DJ Abass and Dr Bimbo Folayan Roberts

The founder, Nigerian Women in Diaspora leadershipforum- NWDLF, Jenny Okafor, chipped in by acknowledging that the Airline would obviously go through some teething problems. However, she assured that these are not problems that would not be surmount. 

"What we need to do as a community is support Air Peace, and I see a significant success," Okafor said.

DJ Abass with MR and Mrs Kelly

DJ Abass talked about the countless exploitation Nigerians have suffered through the years. According to him, "Nigerians were made to pay twice as much for trips. With Airpeace, there is so much excitement in the Diaspora, and this will encourage Nigerians to visit the mother land more frequently! 

Dr Morenike, Hon. LADY Jane, fmr Mayor Kate, and other members of the Nigerian community in Diaspora.

Chief Bimbo Folayan Roberts who is referred to as the front man for Air Peace in the Diaspora, said the NDDIS will work closely with Air Peace, as they are dealing with the experienced Diaspora hands who understand the Diaspora.

Barr. Obaseki, Dr. Morenike and Baroness Jumoke Ariyo

He also made known that the NDDIS has introduced a lot of schemes to Air Peace.

CANUK's Hon.Toyin S. Balogun and NIDO's Hon. Lady Jane

 Hear him: "One of the things we told them is to pay a lot of attention to  customer service, and the management has assured  that the staff has been undergoing training and would be at their very best".

CANUK Executives

The NDDIS event planning committee head, Toyin S. Balogun, made known that they had limited time to plan the event and were only expecting about a hundred people. However, they were surprised when over 200 people showed up; but they ensured that all were catered for at the end of the day.

NIDO Excos Hon Femi, Hon. Lady Jane and Mrs Niyi Z.

According to the attendees, the Air Peace initiative is one that has come to stay.

Hon. Rose Graham,  Dr Morenike,  Hon. Balogun and Dr. Charles Kiran.

Yours truly, Rose Graham Peter of was present at the reception. 

Chief Robert, Hon. Balogun and Sir Charles Kiran

Airpeace launches the Lagos-London route today. Click the link below to be part of the firsts to fly the Lagos-London Route:

Rose Graham, Maureen Charming Layokun and Jenny Okafor

Fly with Peace, and be part of the movement! 

Cross section of Nigerian community leaders in the UK.

 Otunba and Mrs F. Roberts, their daughter and Jenny Okafor

   DJ Abass, JJ and Bisi Oloni

Enjoy the photos from the grand event.

DJ Abass and Marlene

Air Peace Nnabuife, giving a presentation.

CANUK Executives

Maureen Charming Layokun and Tokunbo Sonowo

Mrs Ubong Johnson, Head of Information, Nigerian High Commission

   Mazi Abe and DJ Abass

DJ Abass with MR and Mrs Kelly

 Otunba and Mrs Bimbo Folayan Roberts and their lovely daughter

   Pastor Patricia,  Charles Kiran and Toyin S. Balogun

Double Mayor of Enfield, Her Worshipful Mayor Kate Anolue, and a guest.